Peace of Mind

If you have a problem anytime, day or night, you can get in touch with a technical service representative. Just call our general office number at (812) 339-3653. After normal business hours, a paging system will guide you through the steps to have someone contacted.

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Our sales and technical service staff will work with you to determine the products for your processing needs. If you have unique or demanding requirements, we'll custom formulate a product for you.

We also continuously improve our quality, both internally and with our customers. Product development teams oversee the development and advancement of product groups such as aluminum conversion coatings and steel conversion coatings.


After formulating new product(s) or selecting existing products, we will coat or treat test parts and panels. We can then perform numerous types of testing at our facility, including standard corrosion, humidity, and cleaning tests.​

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One Stop Shopping

CPI can recommend pumps, meters, and other control equipment. If desired, we can provide these items directly.

Circle Prosco, Inc - Technical Service


During a trial, experienced technical personnel will be at your facility to make sure the process runs well. We run the trials according to your schedule, and we will even assist to prepare your line.

Continued Support

After start-up, technical service personnel will visit on a regular basis to ensure that your process continues to run well. We will provide training for operators and engineers, technical support for process improvement, and troubleshooting for any problems.

Circle-Prosco maintains a full analytical lab to support both product development and customer requests. We can perform analyses including AAS, FTIR, TGA, GC, and the Detroit Ball Test, among others. We also have expanded capabilities through our affiliations with other labs such as Indiana University, Surface Science Western, and Sherry Laboratories. These relationships give us access to such tests as SEM/EDAX.

Circle-Prosco Development Lab