Products for Steel

Our zirconium based pretreatment, Steelcote 1400, has been utilized for over 10 years in the pretreatment industry. It provides excellent paint adhesion and corrosion resistance on steel substrates. Steelcote 1400 is successfully employed in a wide range of applications such as farm equipment, appliances, office furniture, automotive, wires, racking and more.

We also supply traditional iron phosphate pretreatment products that provide increased corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.

CPI Steel Coatings pass testing for ASTM B-117 Neutral Salt Spray Test, ASTM D-2247 Humidity Test, ASTM D-3359 Adhesion by Tape Test, ASTM D-2794 Rapid Deformation (Impact), ASTM D-522 Conical Bend and ASTM D-4627 Iron Chip Test.​



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4 or 5 stage phosphate

Steelcote 1400 is a zirconium based product that provides outstanding paint adhesion and corrosion resistance to steel and aluminum. For steel having 2-3 mils of paint, it consistently achieves over 1200 hours in NSS with less than 3 mm creep from the scribe and no sealer is required. Steelcote 1400 contains no phosphates or heavy metals. It is operated using similar times, temperatures, and pH's as traditional iron phosphate systems and does not require DI / RO for bath make-up or water rinses. It imparts a blue to purple color to steel.

Shock Absorbers pretreated with Circle-Prosco chemisty

A top performing iron phosphate that imparts a blue or gray coating. It is operated at only 1 to 2% concentration and is an ideal product for high volume applications. It can also be used with our PCA-89 in a 3 stage application.

Wand spray

Steelcote 1700

Steelcote 1400



Steelcote 1700 is a zirconium based cleaner-coater that provides cleaning as well as corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in a spray wand application.


A cleaner/phosphating compound that cleans and phosphates iron, steel and galvanized steel.

4 stage non-phosphate

2 stage phosphate