No Rust 5 

Shock Absorbers Having Circle-Prosco Pre-treatment Chemisty

A petroleum based product designed to protect iron and steel surfaces from corrosion for up to 6 months. May be diluted from 5-10% by volume.

A general purpose, mild corrosion inhibitor that provides short-term indoor protection. A carboxylated amine based RP that performs well at a dilution of 1-3% by volume.

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A clear, non-staining borate amine based paintable sealer. When used with one of our pretreatment products such as Steelcote 1400 or IP-93, it provides outstanding corrosion and flash rust resistance.


No Rust MO

A mineral oil based rust preventative designed to prevent corrosion on steel and iron surfaces. Used in the neat form.

Rust Preventatives

Whether you want to prevent flash rusting on parts or ensure long term storage of your products, CPI has the right rust preventative for you. While they can be used alone, they're also designed to work together with our steel pretreatment products. The list below presents just a few of our products. Feel free to contact us for a specific product recommendation for your application.​



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